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Product Categories

FSC 8040

Includes glue; mucilage; sizes; adhesive cements.

FSC 6810

Includes naphtha solvents; water softening compounds; tanning materials, natural or synthetic; dextrines and starches; inedible gelatins; acetone; propellant chemicals, bulk, not specialized solely for guided missile use.

Miscellaneous Chemical Specialties
FSC 6850

Includes antifogging compounds; wetting agents; etching and fountain solutions for lithographing; blanket repair solutions for lithographing; antifreeze.

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FSC 8010

Includes water paints; oil paints and latex; driers; paint primers; lacquers; paint sealers; pigments for coloring; stains; turpentine; paint removers.

Preservative And Sealing Compounds
FSC 8030

Includes fire resistant compounds; water resistant compounds; weather resistant compounds; belt dressing; antiseize compounds; calking and glazing compounds; putties; wood and metal fillers.

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